The X universe is the setting of the X computer game series) developed by Egosoft. These games include X: Beyond the Frontier, X-Tension, X2: The Threat, X3: Reunion, and X3: Terran Conflict. The X universe is what the players call the system of sectors which make up the play area. These sectors are connected by jumpgates which link semi-permanently to other gates. There is a good chance that the X universe sectors are all contained within the Milky Way Galaxy.

Currently there are around 161 known sectors within the X universe with two more as plot only sectors such as the Sol System. The notable sectors include the newly reconnected Sol System, the Argon Federation home world Argon Prime, the Boron Kingdom home world Kingdom End, the Teladi Company headquarters Seizewell, the Split Dynasty home world Family Pride and the Paranid Empire home world Paranid Prime.

Sectors are normally based around star systems with inhabitable planets or easily acquired resources. The boundaries of the sectors within the games are vast. The player may travel in one direction until the computer can not process the co-ordinate data anymore. The area where the player will spend the most time is between the gates. The gates are normally arranged in a north, east, south and west pattern. Many stations are located within this grid. Some sectors have "easter eggs" beyond this gate configuration, the player simply needs to explore it. In some of the X-novels such as Farnham’s legend, the distance between the gates has been described as vast, some taking days travel at very fast velocities. Within the game the ship speeds are more subdued so the gate distances normally range approximately from 60 to 150 Kilo-measurements. Kilo-measurements roughly translate to Kilometres.

Throughout the game the player will face challenges, some beyond their ability, that test their physical and mental abilities. There are missions that the player may choose to do for certain races such as the Boron, Argon and even corporations throughout the game, again some are hard and others very simple.